Tembak Ikan – Gambling for Fun

Tembak Ikan – Gambling for Fun

What is Tembak Ikan gambling? It is an Indonesian river which flows through Borneo and the mainland of Sumatra. The name Borneo came about because early man would have used the currents to go from the inland to the ocean. They would have carried with them whatever they could carry, including plants. This would have been one way of crossing the sea.

Tembak Ikan

The banks of the river were often used as a place for trading, farming and other uses. Gambling also became an important part of these activities. This brought in a lot of local people who would visit the many temples, meeting their friends and fellow travellers. Temples are the major source of income for many in Borneo and this led to the establishment of a number of casinos in Borneo.

The demand for more gambling was so great that it prompted the government to step in and interfere. The aim was to regulate the river to ensure that there were enough food and fishing for the people. Initially the Chinese were the biggest users of this natural resource. These people brought with them their own methods of gambling including the world’s oldest known gambling table. It was called the Hong Kong table.

‘Tembak Ikan Gambling’ has a lot of interesting games, including the multi-player game, the bluffing game, the fortune telling game, the card and die game and the riddles game. Each game has its own uniqueness and provides fun to the players. You can find a lot of these games at the various game rooms and internet cafes in Jakarta. The internet has also made it easier for the players to find out more about the game and play the game from anywhere in the world.

Dor Dor Fish

The base of the game is a simple set of fifty cards which are divided into three piles. The players start with one pack of fifty cards to deal with. All the other piles consist of four cards each. This makes the game much simpler as well.

Judi Tembak Ikan Weapons Types

Judi Tembak Ikan Weapons Types

The online judi tembak ikan game itself is a game that invites the bettor to be able to kill an animal to get the most points. The number of points will be judged based on which size fish the player or bettor is most often killed in one game round.

Because as is well known, this game presents several types of fish to provide bait to the bettor. Some of the differences in fish species are based on their body size. This online judi tembak ikan site offers small, medium, and large fish.

In order to kill some of these fish, the bettor is equipped with a number of powerful weapons that have different strengths. If you add up as a whole, each player will be facilitated with 3 super weapons. If you don’t know how these 3 weapons work, then see the explanation below.

Know the Power of 3 Weapons in Online Judi tembak ikan

Normal Shooting Speed ​​is a type of weapon that is always the first choice at the beginning of the game. Because this shot is a normal weapon that can shoot fish continuously, each bettor can launch attacks on its target with satisfaction.

However, the strength of this weapon is not too dangerous for big fish. Moreover, the bullet speed launched by Normal Shooting Speed ​​is very standard, so that the fish can still move to avoid being shot.

The second weapon a fish shooting bettor should know is Aim for the Target. Bettor can target big fish with this weapon. Because the strength of Aim of the Target is to lock the target so that it can’t go anywhere else.

After that the player or bettor can freely shoot the locked fish. Using this weapon can make each member successfully kill several large fish. That way, the benefits that will be obtained will also be extraordinary.

If there is a normal speed, then this online judi tembak ikan site also presents shots that have extraordinary speed. As the name implies, quick shooting speed, this weapon can confuse fish to avoid the released bullets. This shot is usually used to kill a number of small fish.