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Online Gambling – Average IQ of Gamblers

The average online gambling IQ of gamblers is around 70. Some experts claim that the real number might be as low as 60 and that is way too low. How can gamblers have such poor judgment skills when they have so much money at stake? I believe the answer lies in their brains, specifically the part called the prefrontal cortex.

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Gamblers have a difficult time in deciding when to bet and how much to bet. They do not seem to know why they are ahead or why they are losing. In order to make sense out of it all, gamblers need to analyze data. Unfortunately for gamblers, analyzing information that makes no sense is often impossible because the brain fails to see patterns.

It has long been known that gamblers suffer from the same problem other people have: the “filler”. This means that the brain is full of things that do not make any sense. For example, let us say you go to the races and you pick a horse that has already won a few races in a row. You also have your eye on one of the young runners who was very close to winning last week. You also have an experienced jockey who has a horse who was very near the lead the day before. All these factors look pretty good to you place a lot of money on them.

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In the end, you lose all your money. This is not because the horse was a loser, but because you were too emotionally involved with the win to look at the online gambling games data objectively. The same thing happens with gamblers. They get emotional and commit to a bet based on their feelings, rather than objectively analyzing the numbers.

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