Poker Online Trick – Limp and Raise

Poker Online Trick – Limp and Raise

“Flop”: Once all players in the table have folded, a single poker online player is left. In no limit hold’em, this player has to call. If the other players in the table have called, the player with the best raise becomes the recipient of the pot. A “low card” is laid to that player. If he successfully calls, the pot is raised and the pot odds are changed to his favor.

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Poker is the one card game that seems to be impossible to predict. You know, you play a great hand, and you get popped for something like 8 or 10. By this time most people have learned how to fold, so you’re stuck in an ugly position. This article is about one of the most widely used strategies in Texas Holdem poker, the ‘limp raise’.

The limp raise is very simple. All you do is take your opponent’s money and pretend that you are going to make an equal sized bet. You then raise the betting amount with every single flush you have. When your opponents do not call, then just fold, and do not re-raise until your opponent’s call. Of course, you can go for a single pot instead of making multiple bets and chasing cards, but the point should be clear: the more hands your opponents have to call, the more times you should raise.

Limp and Raise

What You Should Do: Once you’ve raised as much as you can afford to, remember to follow the betting rules of the game. You can call or raise depending on how the pot odds are looking. Remember that you are going to have to deal with opponents who may not raise when you bet out. If they do, then you need to either bet out (if your opponents all called), or else clean up the pot. If you can’t win by yourself, then you need to find another way to make money, and the limp-raise strategy can help you do that.